Something about me

My philosophy is born from tradion, from the rhythms of the day, from the kitchen.
Bologna is my town and my passion for food, good food, comes from here: grown in a city nicknamed "the fat" (La Grassa) and "the learned" (La Dotta),for its famous universtity, the oldest in Europe (1088), for me is not a small thing.
I'm not a professional, for me is a passion. Since I was young I liked to snoop around and make mess in my grandmother's kitchen with flour and eggs, the typical ingredients of our cousine. The handmade pasta like Tortellini is a old Bologna's traditional food, but there isn't only this, we have much more !!!

Now I moved to Illinois, I live in Rockford, and continue to cook for my friends and myself traditional food with great satisfaction.
So I thought it would be nice to know the culinary soul of Bologna through its kitchen.

With my service: bringing my food at home or in a better way with home cooking service.

What for?

A special occasion

A romantic evening

For a group of friends or students

Birthday home party

Lunch or dinner different from the usual

For associations and clubs, at the table or buffet

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